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Eyelash Extension

What is eyelash Extensions? Eye lash extensions are one of the most popular beauty must haves for thicker, longer and fuller lashes.
They are strands of synthetic eyelashes custom made from Mink & Silk hair that are curved to replicate a netural lash and are carefully and precisely attached to each individual lash (not on the skin). They are applied to each individual eyelash with a special semi-permanent adhesive. Once applied, the lashes are natural looking and virtually weightless.

How long will lashes last? Lash extensions will stay on your natural lashes for the remaining life of your lash. Your lash extension will fall out with your natural lash and permanent will depend on how well they are maintained.


Do I need to come for fills?

Your natural eyelash growth cycle is between 30 and 90 days. all of your eyelashes do not fall out at the same time, they replenish gradually day by day. you may lose 2-3 lashes per day and when your lashes are short you don’t notice it, but with an extension you will notice that there is a length difference.

How to take care of my new lash extensions?

  • Do not wash your new lashes with Hot water for 12 hours after the application as the adhesive needs time to cure on the inside. 

  • Pulling on your lashes can cause natural lashes fatigue and weaken the adhesive bond. 

  • Be gentle around the eye and avoid rubbing the eye area.

  • Brush your lashes from the top every day.

  • Using mechanical eye lash curler or false lashes ( strip lashes ) on eyelash extension can damage your natural lashes and cause extension fallout.

  • Steam like a blow dryer, hot shower and direct exposure to steam like cooking can weaken the adhesive bond and cause extension fallout.

  • Using mascara is not recommended however if you need to use it on the bottom lashes only use a water base mascara ( no water proof)

  • Use lash cleanser daily to clean them, keep the oil away from the root and prevent infection.

  • Use oil-free products ( eye cream, concealer, eyeliner, makeup remover ) around the eye area.

  • Extra fun requires extra cleaning so don't forget to cleanse your lashes after swimming, walking outside when the weather is hot and exercising. 

  • Use oil blotting paper around the eyes if you have oily skin or if you have been outside during a heat wave.  

  • Book your fill in advance to maintain your lashes.                                               

Brow microblading

Brow Microblading

What is Brow Microblading? It is a 3D eyebrow, semi permanent, lasting from 1-3 years. This innovative technique is one you don’t want to miss out on.

Using a hand method tool and multiple micro needles. It is conceder to be semi-permanent, as compared to the traditional hair-stroke technique done by a machine , brow microblading creates the finest brow like hairs, you won’t be able to tell the difference between natural hair and the microblading hair-stroke that created for you.

How long the 3D Embroidery Brows / Microblading last?

3D Embroidery brows will fade over time, much more so than traditional cosmetics tattoo. while this may be disappointing to some people, others will be comfortable knowing that if for any reason they want a different look they are not stuck with the same brows for life. the average time span for touch up is 1.5 years. the time span is affected by the type of skin and the after care. 

For some will require a touch up after 6 months; this may due to very oily skin or excessive sebum production, ect. The disappearing pigment is faded by UV rays, pigment removal by the body via ducts in the eyebrow hair follicles, the epidermal layer renew itself every 3 years, body chemistry, anti-aging products applied to the face ( retinol and chemical peels for example ) cellular turn over, rejuvenation ect.

How you treat your beautiful new tattoo over the next 7 days? 

Immediately after the tattoo procedureyou apply coconut oil to the area every 2 hours for 6-7 days never let your brow go completely dry or feel tight.

Swelling is normal after tattooingand can be manages with soft gel ice packs.

Flaking and crusting may also occuras the skin starts the natural healing process. Picking or peeling any flakes can cause loss of implanted pigment and scaring.

When washing your face refrain from using soaps and creamson the tattooed areas for the heal time specified (next
day) When showering or bathing apply a thick layer of coconut oil and avoid putting your face directly in the shower head stream.


Pools, Jacuzzis, tanning, excess sweating, facials and saunas should be avoided for a period of at least 10 daysor until tattooed area is fully healed. Skin cream and products containing Retin-A, AHA or any kind of skin peel must not be used directly on the tattooed area as they will fade and possibly distort the tattoo. Sun block should always be applied over tattoos. (SPF 60 recommended)


The colour immediately after tattooing will appear very sharp and dark but will soften and fade considerably as the healing process concludes. The final appearance of the tattooed area should not be considered for at least 6-8 weeks after the final visit.

A Touch-up may be required to reshape or augment an area and is not usually done until after the 4 week period.


 Less is more when it comes to Embroidery Brows. This is a custom built brow and may take up to 3 times to ensure the pigment in the skin.

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